To The One Less Cherished!

To the one less cherished!
When it’s time to celebrate you, we feel reluctant. Is it that, you really never did anything?

To all men who stood strong with their families, who woke up very early and slept late to balance finances that surrounds them, to you who constantly ignored the other species that tried to open another branch of family, to you who woke up at midnight to pray for your family, and never missed an opportunity available to do same, to you who kept the faith and won the race; dead or alive, we say ‘Ayekoo’ (Well done).

To the strongest species!
Countlessly recounting times it felt like you were heartless, yet you didn’t fret. A man must not cry they say, yet when you don’t you’re tagged insensitive.

To all who are trying it all but cannot achieve, we may not know how difficult or simple it may be for you, we believe you have good thoughts for us. I pray today, for strength and grace to keep pushing. God will be on your side if you let Him.

To my Upcoming fathers, I hope you do well and make a difference.

Happy Father’s Day dear Dad. Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers out there. We Love You!


I Don’t Like My Mum!!

Mother pushed me out when it was my birth time – but I was not ready mama!
She forced me to stand on my toes and moved me to walk – I don’t want to, mum!
She was the first teacher to start teaching me everything – I don’t want to learn, I’m fine with saying only “Mama”
You must eat this food baby, it is healthy – No, I want breast milk forever!
Meet your new teacher my dear, you will like her – She looks mean mum, I don’t like her already.
Well, I don’t have money to give you today, God will provide – I really need it now mama, why are you treating me like this.
She sees me as a super hero who must not retire – but I am human, who will be tired.
Fights with me every time I feel reluctant to do something at home – I’m not going to be with you forever, why should I do everything for you?

My mum never understands me….I Don’t Like Her!

Ohhh! How did I forget when she almost lost her life to push me out? Or when she put away the shame from society, just to adopt.

Why didn’t I remember when she didn’t eat but smiled when feeding me? Or times when she cried but still denied it, wiping the tears.
Oh! I just remembered how I cried anytime mummy said, ‘let’s go to the kitchen’, but now I smile when my hubby says ” Delicious meal hun, I enjoyed it”.

Maybe I didn’t understand her. She is no super woman too. She’s not perfect either, she has her flaws and weakness. She might be the worst mum today, but she will always want the best for me. Even when she’s angry and she raises her voice, she is still my mama!

To my special mum, I Love You Always. All mum’s out there, God bless you for this significant role you play in many lives. Happy Mother’s Day!

Dedicated to Mrs Titilayo Bello (My Mummy)

The Rules Of Wealth:Rule 20

Today brings us to the end of our journey to The Rules Of Wealth. I’m glad you followed and learnt a lot. Rules are sometimes hard to follow and I know most people don’t like living by rules. We all want to live freely and happy yet make it big time. Well, this life we need guidance to be disciplined. Let’s go ahead to crown it all in grand style.

Rule 20
Only by looking wealthy can you become wealthy

Talking about grand style. Ever stared at someone in amazement because of how they dressed. It is said that, dress the way you want to be addressed. You want to be addressed wealthy, then dress wealthy. You want to be addressed poor, dress poor.

Dressing doesn’t only mean clothes. Your haircut is dressing, your body odour, even how you walk and talk. Unconsciously, people notice these things first if it’s the first time they are talking with you. Dressing appropriately and nice doesn’t have to be expensive. Choose wisely, save wisely, dress wisely. As we follow these rules, I hope you achieve your set goals.

Thank you for following. Watch out for the next package!

The Rules Of Wealth:Rule 19

Time to plan

Rule 19
You’ve got to have a plan

If you fail to plan, you will plan to fail. Planning helps you know how to go about achieving your set objectives. So, if you have a goal and you don’t plan, how do you know when to start, when you see results and when to end? Planning helps you know what materials you need for the journey, that way you get put together the resources you need to get the materials.

A very good friend of mine shared his story about he investing GHS600 into getting his first camera to start what he loves doing, which is capturing moments for memories. Today he is a CEO. A professional and well-known photographer. I was really inspired by his story. He had the passion, he saw the vision, he set his objectives and he planned how he was going to go about it. So when the door opened an he got the money, he knew what he had to go for. I can bet if he did not have a plan for his goals, when the resource came, he would have spent it and today he will still be riding on wish horses.

You want to be wealthy. You have learnt that anyone can be wealthy by applying themselves, you have set your objectives, now it’s time to draw that plan. Give that dream some life today. Smile tomorrow.
You can do it too!

Thank you for reading, tomorrow ends our journey of the rules to wealth. I hope you are enlightened.

The Rules Of Wealth:Rule 18

Learn self management

Rule 18
It’s harder to manage yourself than it is to manage your money

So how well do you know yourself? Pretty well? Not at all? Vaguely? We think we know ourselves until we come to give up smoking, lose weight, get fit, get rich. And then we realize we are lazier, have less willpower, less determination, make less effort, get too easily dissuaded, fall by the wayside too readily.

Do you have what it takes to be wealthy? Are you determined enough? Will you work hard enough? Stamina? Guts? Relentless focus? The thing is if you don’t, chances are you won’t make it. This is not to let you down or make you feel it’s impossible, but this is to tell you that money making can be taught – only if the person is ready and willing to diligently learn and apply themselves.

To achieve a dream, you must work hard at accomplishing the steps and plans you have laid down for yourself. The progress of that will let you know if you’re gonna make it or not. Rise up today to do more, with determination and perseverance, you can do it too.

Thank you for reading.

The Rules Of Wealth:Rule 17

Don’t Envy

Rule 17
Don’t envy what others have

We all set our own objectives. We all have individual ambitions. We all work out how much work we are prepared to put into this business of becoming wealthy. We all set our own limits and know what we are prepared to do or not do. So what is the point of envying what anyone else has? None, unless you know what their agenda was and is. None, unless you know how much work they were prepared to put in. None, unless you know what they were prepared to sacrifice.

Money earned is entirely the business of the person earning it. They did the work. They had the idea or entrepreneurial spirit. They got up earlier than us. They were driven or fired up by what they wanted to achieve. Envying them is pointless. If I come across someone extremely rich, I immediately try to work out how they did it and if that route would suit me. What bits of information could I glean to help me get to that position, bearing in mind I only want to do it right – legally and enjoyably?

Use other people as a source of inspiration. Besides, envy is not a characteristic of a Rules Player – that’s you now, by the way.

(The Rules Of Wealth, Richard Templar, pg 38,39)

The Rules Of Wealth:Rule 16

Rule 16
Know how the wealthy think

Taking a close look at a wealthy man you really look up to, you see the way they act are totally different from how you act. What they listen to, what they watch, how they talk, who they sit with….all these tells you who they are. Most of them(actually all) are money minded. They eat money, drink money, read money, sleep money, do everything money.

Today I’m going to use my boss as an example. He is one man I can say has money, but then he always argues with me that he hasn’t made anything yet. Studying him closely, he has a lot of books concerning being wealthy, successful, living a good life, being spiritual and a lot more. No day passes by without he listening to a sermon and watching a video about getting to the top and being different. He is very particular about time management. To him, the more time you waste, the more dollars you loose. He is so keen on being very wealthy. I admire him a lot.

Working with him, walking with him, talking with him, I have come to learn a lot about getting to the top. Sometimes before I do something, I ask myself, will my boss do this? This is shaping me up to be a better person. Get closer to someone at the top you admire most. Learn, Think and Act like them. Your life will change positively.

I hope you have a change of mindset today. Thank you for reading.